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Sump pump installation in James Island, SC

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Part of our exceptional crawl space services includes sump pump installation and repair.

Sump pumps, when operating efficiently, are designed to tackle heavy rainfall and water intrusion. You would probably agree many homeowners in our area would benefit as our weather can get quite rainy and humid. When coupled with our array of crawlspace waterproofing solutions, it's evident why we stand among the premier crawl space companies in the Lowcountry.

Repairing a sump pump

Lowcountry homeowners are realizing the benefits of having a sump pump

If you're a homeowner near James Island, SC, sump pumps might not be the first thing on your mind. However, these unsung heroes of home maintenance can save you from potential disaster. With heavy rainfalls and high water tables common in the area, having a reliable sump pump system could be crucial.

Pumps out all water sources

These pumps are not only designed to deal with excess rainwater but also capable of tackling groundwater infiltration. This means that in our area with a consistently high water table, sump pumps can protect your home's foundation from potential damage caused by excessive moisture.

Battery backup systems

Another exciting advancement in sump pump technology is the availability of battery backup systems. In areas where power outages are common during heavy storms or hurricanes, having a battery backup for your sump pump can provide much-needed peace of mind. You won't have to worry about your crawl space flooding while waiting for the power to be restored.

Inexpensive to install

Your cost for Charlestowne Crawlspace to install your sump pump is competitively priced and we guarantee to beat other’s pricing. Liberty battery backup submersible sump pumps, for example, are very affordable.

Need a sump pump repair?

In the unfortunate event of a sump pump failure, you could be left with a flooded crawl space and substantial water damage. Our swift sump pump repair services step in to save the day. From tackling motor malfunctions and float switch glitches to resolving impeller blockages and check valve concerns. We recognize the urgency and significance of addressing these issues promptly to shield your home from further harm.

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