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Dealing with crawl space mold is a pressing matter that demands effective solutions.

Our mold remediation services stand as the answer you've been seeking. In some cases, the presence of mold can pose significant health risks, underscoring the importance of ensuring your crawl space remains mold-free. Our services eliminate lurking mold, sometimes necessitating the replacement of materials like wood framing, insulation, or subflooring. Many mold species thrive on these components, weakening the very structure they support.

Mildew under subfloor

Ever wonder where mold comes from?

Mold spores are ubiquitous in the environment, but trouble arises when they become trapped in your crawl space and coupled with damp conditions underneath your home. With moisture and secluded and undisturbed spaces, crawl spaces offer an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Our approach to mold management

Leaving mold unchecked leads to ongoing growth and spread. Our mold-certified professionals specialize in effective mold remediation in crawl spaces. We begin by conducting a thorough assessment to identify the extent of the mold infestation and the underlying causes. With a clear understanding of the situation, we put together a targeted plan to remove the mold and prevent it from returning.

Isolation and Containment

We isolate the affected area to prevent the spread of mold spores to other parts of your home.

Mold removal

Our technicians carefully remove the mold-infested materials, including damaged insulation, wood, and other components.


The crawl space is cleaned and sanitized with any combination of Mold Bomb, Biocide, and Air Scrubber to ensure all traces of mold are eliminated.

Structural restoration

If necessary, we restore any damaged structures. We can rebuild pillars, replace girder beams, and other structural components to make sure your crawl space is structurally sound. 


Don't let mold compromise your well-being. We can address the root causes of moisture buildup, such as leaks, poor ventilation, or poor drainage, to prevent future mold growth. This might include a French drain, sump pump, vapor barrier, dehumidifier, or full crawlspace encapsulation.

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