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Choose to defend your crawl space with the right solutions

Say bye to that persistent dampness, where we’ll include moisture blockers, insulate the walls, seal it all up, and even install a dehumidifier to ensure low humidity. When we’re finished, you won’t recognize your crawl space. Instead, you can say hello to a fresh, dry, and worry-free crawl space, all thanks to our crawlspace encapsulation process.

By sealing things up tight and adding insulation, we're putting a stop to moisture, critters, and potential structural troubles. That secure space becomes its own cozy space great for your kayak storage, fishing rods, and beach chairs. 

Completed Crawlspace Encapsulation

Vapor barriers are a must-have

These tough barriers stand strong against moisture sneaking in from below, whether you’re installing solo or for crawlspace encapsulation. Installing a vapor barrier is not only very affordable but should be required for all homes because of the difference that one change makes in your crawl space.

Mold's worst enemy: Dehumidifiers

Our smart dehumidifiers do their thing during encapsulation to keep moisture levels just right and mold in check. No moisture, no mold – it's as simple as that. With humidity under control, thanks to these gadgets working from inside your home, your crawl space can breathe easy.

Custom crawl space doors

Our custom crawl space doors aren't just about security, they're about sealing off your crawl space yet allowing easy access. No more scary, splintered crawl space doors. Now you can confidently venture into your crawl space whenever you need to.

Effective drainage

Your waterproofing solution may include the use of a sump pump or installation of french drains, both common for Lowcountry homes. We’ll create just the right plan for your home. 

Before we begin…

Before we jump into making your crawlspace watertight and wonderful, let's tackle a vital piece of the puzzle; ensuring your foundation is structurally sound. You might not guess it, but a lot of the issues like sinking piers and weakening wood can be traced back to moisture issues.

So, before we start the waterproofing magic, let's make sure your foundation is up to par. Once we've got that covered, get ready to witness your space transform from damp and dark to a space you’ll appreciate and maybe use from time to time.

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